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Thursday, March 16, 2017

2 months home!

Things are still very busy, but starting to get calmer. Everyone is doing really well.

Lee has been working hard on gaining weight! He has gained about 7 pounds since he came home! That's almost a quarter of his starting weight! He is so much happier and so much more comfortable. He is just perfect.

Amos has been doing great with his new routine. He loves going to school and talking about his medical appointments! He is also requesting a trip with his Papa to visit the ocean, by train if possible. He is also doing so much better with adjusting to our family.

We celebrated sweet little Daisy's first birthday in a family! She loved her cake! She is doing so well adjusting and learning new things. She can drink from a sippy cup now, and we are slowly adding in new tastes and textures to her meals. She keeps us on our toes and loves to explore. She is the perfect princess!

Last but not least, Violet is still just as sweet and gentle as ever. Everyone asks if she is always as sweet as when they meet her. Yep, she is! She loves meeting new people and going to new places. She is also growing like a weed! 

We even had time to squeeze in a quick family photo! We aren't all looking at the camera, but we are all there! (Minus one who we are working hard to bring home next!)