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Thursday, May 19, 2016


There is a fourth child we are hoping to adopt. She is brilliant and beautiful. I have no idea how she has been waiting so long. She has only been listed as Violet for the last three and a half years, but she is almost 13 years old.

Her listing photo doesn't do her justice. That's so often the case, but especially for girls who have had their hair shaved off. Compare the photo she was listed with to this recent photo of her. If you didn't know it, you might not realize both of those photos are of the same beautiful child!

Violet used to live with some of our boys. They were excited to see her picture again! I first remember seeing her in a video of Theo, where she was taken on a walk with him and some visitors. She is very clever. She doesn't talk much, but she has really good receptive communication. And she is unbelievably gentle and sweet. She has even learned to walk since her profile was last updated! How has she waited so long?

The last time we adopted, we only adopted older boys. Those older boys have my heart! So many of them have waited for so long, and they are some of the last to be chosen. This time around, our daughters pointed out that they were already quite outnumbered. "Maybe a couple girls this time?" they suggested. They did have a point! And my husband and I had already talked about Daisy and Violet as girls we were thinking about adopting. The truth is, they have both waited just as long as the older boys. I keep saying I don't know how, because I don't. But I don't want any of our kids to wait any longer!

Violet's situation is a bit different than the other kids we are adopting. We don't think she is in the same immediate danger that Lee will be without medical care. She is not about to be transferred to foster care with no hope of a family like Daisy. She hasn't aged out like Amos. But she is still waiting, as she has been for a very long time. Our family is ready to welcome her with open arms. She doesn't know it yet, but she has sisters waiting for her. Brothers too! We are so glad and so thankful that she was laid on our hearts.

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