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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Special Thank You

Adoption is amazing. It brings families together. It brings people together. It is very hard work, but it shows you all the good that is out there in the world.

I recently received a very special card from someone who has followed our story. It was such an encouragement, and our boys appreciated it too. This adoption process has had some bumps and delays. The reminder that there are people out there praying for our kids and our adoptions was such an amazing gift. Thank you.

There were three names of older boys that this person mentioned. I'd love it if everyone who reads this could go look at these kids and pray for them, donate to the older child grant, and share their profiles. There are a few kids listed with the same name, and I don't know for sure which child with that name, but if we share, and pray, and donate for all of them I think that will cover it!

Go check out Leonard, Tanner and Jordan!

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