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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Amos Still Has Hope

UPDATE: We have a matching grant! The first $1500 donated to our FSP at will be doubled!

It has been more than 2 years since our son Barton aged out. 2 Decembers ago, his chance of having a family became incredibly small. He turned 16 and only families with immigration paperwork submitted before then could adopt him. There were a lot of people praying for him. He was a timid, quiet boy who couldn't see well. An institution for adult men in his region keeps both weaker and stronger men locked behind bars in outdoor sheds. That future was shocking and unthinkable for such a gentle boy.

We adopted Barton. We had mailed in immigration paperwork before his birthday, but the timing was a coincidence. Only later did we decide to add him to our adoption. He has thrived in our family. He has grown from a quiet, gentle boy into a thoughtful and generous young man. He is an absolute treasure and it shakes me to my core to imagine what his future held before we adopted him.

This December another boy turned 16. Amos was with Barton at the orphanage we adopted from but we never saw him during our time there. Another family did see him briefly. Remember, same orphanage and same future. Amos and Barton were friends. Barton saw his photo and told us that he was a good boy. Those words were spoken so kindly by our son whose story is so much like Amos's, our son who is an incredible blessing in our lives every day. 

This whole thing is crazy. Now, we do crazy around here. Lots of it, and we love it that way! But this? We were about to move across the country. We weren't even in our new house yet! We truly felt moved to act. So we did. 3 days before Amos's birthday, our paperwork arrived at immigration.

We found a social worker in our new state. We worked our fingers to the bone getting our house ready. We are willing to fly through this and finish in time, but we do need help funding it. We weren't planning to adopt again just yet. If we had waited another year we would have had more money in hand. But Amos would forever lose his chance for a family. Barton's friend would be left to that unthinkable future.

There have been children who aged out recently without hope of having a family. Please help us pull Amos back from that brink. We have already paid our immigration fees. We have paid our commitment fees. We have paid for our homestudy and oversight agency. We will be posting fundraisers soon. Please join us in praying that we are able to raise this the remaining money quickly in order to get to Amos quickly!


  1. you are incredible people !
    Praying money comes your way !

  2. YAY you do not know how excited i was to see this news i was the one who sent you the video of barton and amos singing together god is so good glory glory <3 julie i would love to meet you all one day you guys rock!! God will supply, you all are in my prayers!