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Saturday, April 9, 2016

URGENT, Kids Need Families NOW!


In an earlier post I started talking about the changes at Orphanage 50. I talked about the children who had been in the bedridden building who were moved to a different place. The bedridden wing at the new place includes Denzel ($5300 grant!), Phoenix, "V", and another unlisted but available boy with the same name. Posey, Piper, Quinn and Zoey were transferred to the same place from the region's baby house. Kristina, Waniya, Violet, Brenna, Kellsey and other girls are in a different wing of the same building. These kids could be adopted together!

Today I want to talk about the children at the group homes where Theo and Orion used to live. The group homes will be changing into foster homes. This comes with some good and some bad. I believe the kids will have more full-time caregivers in addition to the caregivers coming in for shifts. Possibly they will have more chances to do typical things like go shopping. Unfortunately the kids will no longer be available for adoption. Once they turn 18 they will be returned to the same institutions the group homes saved them from. Some of the current residents of the group homes are over 18 already and will be leaving.

I have put off this post because I thought we would have more time. The change from group homes to foster homes has been delayed a few times. Unfortunately I think our reprieve is over. It makes me sad that in all that time, only one more child has a committed family. (And that family rocks! They are adopting Vance! I LOVE them! Please show them support. They have adopted 4 other boys in the last few years and they are all thriving! I can't wait to see Vance home with them!) If a family is interested in any of the kids left in the group homes they will need to act immediately. I believe children with committed families can be moved and adopted, but there can be no delay.

The girls are Daisy, Miriam, Tania, Katrina and Emily.

Emily has only been listed for a short time. I wish she had been given more time for her family to find her. She has said that she is sad that other children have been adopted and she wonders if she will have a mama someday too. She is one of the higher-functioning girls in her group. She can't walk due to her feet, but she can get around on her own.

Katrina has a grant of $10,000! I love her spunky smile. She is learning to put clothes away and set the table, and she loves to do pretend play where she copies what you are doing. She would do so well in a family! She does need to be redirected when she is too rambunctious, but orphanages aren't good places for kids to learn what behaviors are and aren't appropriate. A family could help guide her and love her.

Tania also has a $10,000 grant. She has so much potential. It makes me so sad to think of everything she has lost in her years without a family. I won't say she can't be with younger children, but I think she would absolutely thrive in a family with lots of older kids to help redirect her and model good behavior. She really likes to play ball and practice helping around the group home. I've always hoped my son Theo would get to see her again one day in America because he is so fond of her. I hope he will still have that chance.

Miriam is just a bundle of sweetness in a busy little package! She loves to run everywhere! She is learning to talk. She is responding to her name and following some directions. Even though she can walk, she was at the bedridden ward before moving into the group home and she has a lot to catch up on. She would do so well with individual therapy in a family. I've always wanted to see her dancing around a living room with pigtails wearing a dress. She is still sleeping in a crib right now at the group home. She is one of the girls I worry about the most. There is an individual willing to support a family interested in adopting her!

UPDATE: DAISY HAS A FAMILY! (And it is US!Daisy is one of our favorite kids. Her crib was next to Evan's in the bedridden ward before she was moved into the group home. She had been tied into her crib to keep her from climbing out of hers and into Evan's. She has such a sunshiny personality. She has been learning to walk and she can now walk short distances without support.

Leroy is the last boy left in the group homes who is listed. He is very clever. In the past he has gone back and forth between wanting a family and wanting to stay where he is. I'm not sure what he wants right now, but he is very high-functioning and a family should know he may be given the choice whether or not to be adopted. He is doing an amazing job walking now. It's really incredible to see him walk after years of crawling across the ground.

If you are drawn to any of these children, please act now. They are out of time. We have had delays, but the time to act is now. I want them to have loving homes where they can learn and grow for the rest of their lives.

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