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Sunday, November 24, 2013

What Are We Working On Right Now?

Where are we in the process?

So, here is where we are right now.  Our homestudy is mostly finished.   We have provided all of our paperwork and we have a single remaining visit this week.  Once that has been completed, we will be mailing copies to USCIS and to Eastern Europe.

Our USCIS paperwork is in! So the clock has started ticking on that front.  That is good - we could adopt any child whose 16th birthday is before the date we were logged in the system.  It also means that our paperwork is on its way to the correct place within their system, and we can send the homestudy as soon as it is finished.

Then there is the mountain of paperwork we need to send to Eastern Europe.  The first batch of those papers will be going out soon.  Finding an available notary, taking our papers to the county, then getting apostilles is tedious.  I think my husband has said, "They need us to do what?" about every single document. We are working our way through it as quickly as we can.

We also have a few fundraisers in the works.  We are really excited about the shoe drive we are organizing.  It has the potential to benefit so many families. Anyone in the eastern half of the United States can participate to raise grant money for waiting children or for families currently in process.  Plus we should have a t-shirt sale ready in time for the holidays!    

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