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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Longer updates will follow, but for now here are some photos of everyone! All of the kids have made so much progress since they came home!

Both Lee and Amos needed to be hospitalized when they came home. Lee was in for refeeding syndrome, which we expected. Amos was in due to side effects from his withdrawal from the orphanage medications. They are both doing much better back here at home now!

We also changed Lee's seizure medication while he was in the hospital. He was having breakthrough seizures on the previous medication, but they are much better controlled by the new medication. That's one of the unfortunate realities of institutional care. All the kids with epilepsy are given the same dose of the same drug. It works for some and doesn't for others. I'm so glad his brain is getting some rest from the constant seizure activity he was having before.

Lee at admission, extremely malnourished.

He has also gained weight and is much happier!

Looking better Lee!

Amos has started at our local school. We are thrilled with the placement they have him in right now! His institutional issues run deep and wide, but he is making a lot of progress. He was also started on a medication to help with the withdrawal symptoms and it has greatly improved his quality of life. He is SUCH a smart kid, but he has been through Hell in the last few years. I'm thrilled for all of his potential in the future, but all I really want is for him to be healthy and happy.

Amos loves to dance at school!

Daisy has made a lot of progress also. She loves attention and interaction, but also didn't know what to do with it at first. She was so desperate for affection that she would climb all over you if you walked within reach. She is so much calmer now. She likes to sit still on your lap and give hugs now. It is amazing what a difference a few weeks have made!

Daisy the princess!

Violet is great too! She has been so much fun to add to our family! She is sweet and gentle with everyone, and so excited to have someone to put up her hair every morning. We have already talked with one of our doctors about casting her feet. She walks on her toes now, but we think she is going to be running on flat feet pretty soon!

Sweet Violet

Please keep praying for our "+1" we are going back for. There are some new changes and unknowns in the country's adoption program right now. We don't know what it will look like once she is ready, but we are praying! Her condition continues to improve slightly thanks to the orphanage allowing charity assistance. She is still far too thin, but she is a lot more alert than she was a few months ago.


  1. beyond precious all of the kiddos!!! , i'm so very curious to know does barton & amos remember each other I advocated for both these cuties and prayed hard for them and shared the video of them in that little talent show band together too so thrilled that they are now brothers!

    1. Amos didn't remember Barton at first, especially while he was still in the orphanage and when he first came home. After a little while he seems to remember him more and also remembers other kids who he used to live with. Barton likes having him here!