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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Do You Love Going To The Doctor?

You know how you always wait forever for the doctor, but if you're a mom like me that's okay because it's kind of like the "me time" everyone says you're supposed to get? Hey, half the time we are wearing nothing but a paper gown and listening to terrible music, but it's still a mental health break.  This wasn't that kind of doctor visit.

We needed a form for my husband, but I needed to make sure it was done correctly.  Then the doctor's signature needed to be notarized.  This only required about two minutes to complete. It took an hour and a half to get to that point though. Did I mention we also had all four of our kids with us because it seemed silly to get a babysitter just to have a paper signed at the doctor's office down the road from our house? So there we were, the six of us, plus the notary, together in the smallest room ever.

Apparently both the person at the front desk and the nurse didn't understand us when we said we needed the paper filled out and signed, and that my husband had talked to the doctor about it at his last visit. We waited, and waited, and waited. Eventually, the doctor came in, was incredibly helpful and accommodating as he signed the papers and gave us his license information, and we were done.  He was pretty surprised that the staff didn't just pull him aside to sign it between patients.  So were we!

I really hope there aren't any problems with it.  The nurses were looking more and more concerned each time they walked by our exam room and counted the number of people we had.  The kids were good, but four children in a tiny room for more than an hour is a lot to ask.  I don't think the notary would agree to come back and do it again either! Fingers crossed it's okay!

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