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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Today was another paperwork day.  Have I mentioned that while we are within an hour of great hospitals, we are also very rural?  Well, we are.  And today was a perfect example of that.

We need someone to notarize a doctor's signature on my husband's medical records.  There are traveling notaries in the big nearby city.  None of them were willing to drive all the way out here.  We are willing to pay handsomely, but no one was interested.  Side note: I remember three other people wanting to become a notary after going through the adoption process so they could help other families.  Add me to that list!

We called the county clerk who seals all the notary stamps before they can go to the state to get an apostille. First they had no idea why we were even talking to them.  "That needs to be done in Nevada or wherever you are going." We finally explained why we needed this form done here, so that it could be sent to Eastern Europe and translated. They suggested we ask the only bank in our town.  Great idea! Unfortunately, I had already asked them and they said they couldn't leave the bank during business hours.  Then they gave us the number of a local insurance office. They are willing to do it for us. I gave a huge, dramatic sigh of relief. We will be switching all of our policies when they come up for renewal.

So now we have my husband's medical forms lined up.

Now we need to line up my medical forms.  My doctor actually has a notary on staff, because they are in that big city.  They don't do TB tests though! We tried to get my appointments scheduled with them a month ago when we discovered this.  I don't see my husband's doctor, so his office can't do the test. We were sent to our county hospital.  They can't do them unless we work in a health or food service field.  The county health department can.  Hooray! That will be tomorrow.  Between playing phone tag and the general holiday season, things that should have taken days have taken weeks. Once I have that in hand, I can have the remaining form completed.

Most of the previous work was completed over the phone.  It's a pain, but at least I can do it from home. Remember how I said that the county needs to check on a notary before a form can receive an apostille? Well, one of our forms was notarized by someone who is registered in a different county. We asked their work hours last week.  We made the drive out to that county today.  Their clerk is on vacation for the next week. We spent an hour and a half in the car, and didn't even get a single completed paper for our efforts!

Better luck next week. It will all be done eventually.

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