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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Are You Scared to Go? How is Fundraising?

We have been getting the same two questions - a lot.

I am going to start with the thing we are getting the most questions about. With the current events in Eastern Europe do we still plan to travel? YES. We would walk through fire to get to these boys, although we don't think it will come to that. I don't want to minimize the effects these events will have on the future of the country. I also don't want to minimize the things that different people are seeing. Families who are there now are experiencing different things, but mostly just temporary inconveniences.

If we were to get a phone call saying to catch a flight tomorrow, we would do it. First you would need to revive me though because we aren't even packed yet! We aren't expecting any long term shut downs at present. These boys have been waiting long enough. We won't make them wait any longer.

Now on to the next most frequently asked question - how is fundraising going?

We have met our $1000 matching grant! Many thanks to the generous donor and everyone who helped us meet it! After we receive the match, we will need about $2500 to be funded for our second child, Orion!  We are really hopeful that our auction will be able to meet that need.

So let's talk about THE AUCTION! I have a bunch more items that will be added for week 2, but there are some things we are SUPER excited about. Two of them are already listed - autographed guitars signed by Disturbed and Flogging Molly! We don't have time to get them authenticated (or even stop to breathe) with everything we are doing to finish our fundraising and get ready to travel, but my husband is the original owner for both.

And, does everyone remember our vacation giveaways and auction? Well now we will be auctioning TWO timeshares. The whole thing, not just a single stay! They are at the same resort and the same type of room that we did for our other fundraisers. Right near Disney in Florida, 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom suite with a full kitchen, dining and living room. If you are interested in bidding on either of these, I do ask that you contact me ahead of time so that we can discuss all the details and the closing process. You may also bid privately if you don't want to post a bid on Facebook. Here are the basics. Timeshare 1 is for odd years, the 8th week of the year. In 2015 the dates will be 2/21-2/28. Timeshare 2 is for even years, the 6th week of the year. In 2016 the dates will be 2/6-2/13. For both of these, you can also choose to use a smaller room every year.

Our most recent Superman shirt order will go out in tomorrow's mail. I have a listing HERE of what we have in stock ready to ship for any interested buyers. We have plenty of shirts on hand in red, sapphire, and royal blue if you missed our open ordering period. I can collect special orders for another batch, but we won't be placing that order until we have sold most of what we have now.

We have been so busy, busy, busy between fundraising and getting the house ready, but I will keep everyone updated on our progress!

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