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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Exciting News - Part 3!

Have you guessed the news yet? Here you go! Barton, who turned 16 way back in December, will have a home! He will NOT be left behind.


We are making a leap of faith for an incredible young man. We are so excited for his future here!

He is in a different region than our other two boys, so we will need to raise an additional $12,000. The village helped find him a home so I know we can all work together to get him home! PLEASE share our fundraisers and consider donating to our auction!


  1. I am so over joyed i've been praying for barton thank you so much for opening your hearts and home to these 3 boys and so so happy that barton will be coming home to such a loving family and 2 adopted brothers so exciting i will also keep you all bookmarked and be donating soon too god bless you on this journey and i pray you guys get fully funded

  2. BLESS YOU!!! I am praising God to see this wonderful news! What a sweetheart Barton is and what a blessing he will be to your family!