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Saturday, March 22, 2014

21 Days of Hope Wrap-up

One of the things I regret not having time to post about more was the 21 Days of Hope campaign at Reece's Rainbow. 23 children received $2100 grants! Three of the last children were Evan, Gene and Velia.

I've already told you guys about Evan. He is such an amazing, sweet boy who is so special to us. Making the top 21 was INCREDIBLE for a child who had been listed for years with a grant of less than $100. His grant is all the way up to $2187 and so many more people know about him now! 

Next was Gene. I have signed up to be Gene's Prayer Warrior! He is one of the boys who was transferred with Barton that we hope we will get a chance to see. Gene turns 16 in August. Yep, another older child close to my heart. Some people are suckers for the babies, but these amazing kids who have waited so long have my heart. It is great that there are people who love all the babies though, because the more kids adopted when they are little, the fewer who end up still waiting for families as they are on the verge of aging out. I would love it if there were no more of these heart wrenching battles to raise money and awareness as children approach their 16th birthday. Hopefully this grant will help him find his family. His grant is now $7344!

And then there was Velia. Velia's profile pictures don't show how beautiful she truly is. She is also currently at the same place as Theo and Orion. I believe I've heard she is learning to walk with a walker. She is much happier when she is out of her crib. She even interacts with some of the other children! Her grant is now $4386!

I am so happy for all the children who were given the extra exposure and grants to make it easier for a family to adopt them!

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