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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Appointment Date!

We are very excited to announce that we have our appointment date! We will get our first referral on April 15th! We don't know yet if it will be for Theo and Orion or if it will be for Barton. The appointment for whoever we will meet second is typically about a week later.

Orion is doing puzzles. Such a clever boy!

It's pretty funny that I carried my phone around with me for ages so that I would be ready, and when I finally got the call I had to duck out of a meeting to answer.

Barton with his buddy Dell! He has a family coming too!

Our appointment is a couple weeks later than we had first anticipated, but only 8 weeks from when we were submitted. I am still running around like my hair is on fire, which is why my updates have slowed down! I won't post pictures of my to-do lists, because that would just be embarrassing. I do plan on sharing a video of the monstrosity of fundraising materials that have taken over our dining room table! That's only regular, run of the mill embarrassing.
Theo is sitting here, but he was all the way up on his knees a little while later. So exciting!

Now that we have a travel date, I am even more eager to get our fundraising finished up. We only need $1321 to meet our matching grant and be fully funded!

We have 13 days left to order our Outline shirts. You can get youth and adult t-shirts, plus long sleeve shirts and hoodies! We have 10 orders right now. I will guarantee that these will print if we get at least 15 more. I love wearing mine so that I can talk to people about what is happening there right now. Go order one! Or two!

We also have quite a few of our Superman shirts left. These are $20 each, donated to our FSP HERE and then email me your address and receipt to so I can ship! We have the following sizes and colors ready to ship as of the time I am posting this:

Sapphire:      Adult:    L - 1,    XL - 1        
                    Youth:   S - 2, M - 1, L - 1, XL - 1

Red:             Adult:     S - 1, L - 2, XL - 2
                    Youth:    XS - 1, S - 2, M - 2, L - 2, XL - 1

Royal Blue:   Adult:   S - 1, M - 1, L - 2, XL - 1
                    Youth:  XS - 2, S - 3, M - 2, L - 1

I'm hoping to add a couple more posts in quick succession here. I've started a few but haven't had time to finish and post them.  Sorry if I end up flooding anyone's feed, and also sorry if I don't have time to finish them all today like I planned. I wish daylight savings time had actually added an hour to the day instead of just changing the clocks!

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