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Thursday, April 3, 2014

100 People Changing the World

How many people does it take to change the world? Can one person do it? Can you? Can I? Can 100 people?

Kendall is sitting in her crib.

I am wildly, passionately enthusiastic about the massage therapy Maya's Hope is providing for the bedridden children at Theo and Orion's orphanage. I can tell you about all the wonderful things it is doing for so many kids, including Kendall. I can tell you how it is moving limbs to keep muscle from wasting away and loosening stiff joints to prevent contractures. I can tell you how Kendall is learning to stand and how she clearly has a bond with the massage therapist. I can tell you that the massage therapist is giving recommendations for a higher standard of care throughout the facility. I can even show you these things.

Kendall is getting massage therapy.

But showing you these things and telling you about them doesn't help make them happen. We need to act. We need to make a commitment. 100 people each raising $100 would fund the massage therapy program for an entire year.  It would give these children a chance to continue making improvements that no one ever anticipated. It would provide a consistent, caring relationship to children for whom those bonds of attachment are crucial for healthy emotional development. This is life-changing, world-changing for these children.

Kendall is practicing standing!

Maya Rowencak of Maya's Hope has done the hard work here, in conjunction with her in-country partners. She has found good people with a reputation for transparency and ethical behavior. They have found a therapist willing to work in an extremely remote location who clearly cares for the children. I couldn't have done that. I can do other things though. I can support this work financially. I can find other people who will too. So that's why I'm here.

 A little bit of fun...

I am willing to fight for these kids to receive therapy that is changing their lives. I am willing to be one of 100 people raising $100 by June 1st.  How about you? Go to this link to donate. Share it with other people. Tell them how YOU are changing the world for Kendall and her friends.

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