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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Do you know Phoenix?

I'm sharing another one of the bedridden children from orphanage 50 today. This is Phoenix. Have you ever seen him before? How old would you guess he is?


He is the size of a preschooler, but he is 11. Soon he will be 12. He has almost exactly four years left before he is too old to be adopted. His grant is only $75. He seems so unnoticed but he has so much potential. You can see here how much he likes attention and snuggling. That is HUGE for any child from a laying down room. It is an incredible head start for a family and for him.

You can see his little smile peek out again here when he is repositioned for massage therapy. This is another thing that is so great for both him and a future family. He clearly enjoys his time spent in therapy and it provides physical benefits that these kids need desperately.  In addition, this massage therapist is a consistent, caring figure who these children have very clearly bonded with. These are attachments children need for healthy emotional growth.

I want him to have a family. I want him to have a mama who will sing to him and a papa who will make him shriek with laughter. He deserves a family who will love him just as he is but give him the opportunity to reach his greatest potential. A family who would be honored to have this child as their son. Where are they?

Please share Phoenix. Please donate to his grant to make it easier for a family to come forward. I am so glad that someone noticed him and donated that $75 into his fund. A larger grant will help more people see him. Maybe one of them will be the family meant for him. 

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