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Monday, June 16, 2014

We Are Home!

Our house is full of so much wonderful chaos right now. It is beautiful, and messy, and loud, and joyful. I love it. It is not leaving me much time to spend online to change our photos and type out messages, but as I recover from the time difference that will get easier. We had an extra day of travel on our way home because our last flight spent three hours on the runway before being cancelled. The boys were not thrilled about spending the night at the airport, but we are finally home and that is the part that counts.

I have so many photos and videos to share with all of you! Here is a small sample of the amazing things we are seeing from the boys already. Orion (Oleg) is already making sounds more clearly than he was a week ago, and he tries so hard.


  1. How awesome! He looks so well. Your family is in our prayers.

  2. I am in tears right now. We donated to Orion's RR account a while back, before he had a family coming, and printed his picture and have been praying for him ever since. I just saw on RR FB post that a family was bringing home 4 boys and happened to click over and see HIS picture. I am blown away and in tears. Wow, wow, wow. Prayers answered!! My children (ages 6, 4, 3, 2) have uttered the sweetest words of prayer for him! I even blogged about it last October...

  3. This is so beautiful i love your updates look how happy Orion get's when you tell him good job i love it!! & im so excited to see more updates with barton im so extremely happy that a lot of peoples prayers were answered and such a beautiful loving family chose him and to have brothers also adopted from his country is even more thrilling prayers sent up for you all as usual god bless keep being great