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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fee Increase For Daisy

I am sick over having to post this. When we first committed to Daisy, the foster changeover was imminent. She would need to be moved to the orphanage where Lee and Violet are. The foster change was delayed. It has not been cancelled. It will still be happening. It just won't be happening before we get there. I have delayed posting this because we thought she might be moved. We have heard again that she will not.

The "same orphanage" adoption expenses are typically $5000, so that is what we expected. Daisy won't be in the same orphanage. She IS in the same region, but she is not close enough for a "same region" fee. We will need to pay the same amount for Daisy as though she was in a completely different region. That is about $15,000. That is $10,000 MORE than we planned.

Our fully funded number will need to change from $27,500 to $37,500. Right now we have $20,075. We have $17,425 to go. We travel in just over a month.

We committed to Amos first and Daisy second. When we added Lee and Violet it was under the assumption that they would be at the same orphanage as Daisy. Now they won't.

What are we going to do to raise the additional funds? 

We are continuing to apply for grants. We are finding we are ineligible for many. We have tried to request both an adoption loan and a loan against the equity we currently have in our home. We cannot get either. We still have fundraisers HERE. I am going to do another auction. I am going to do another giveaway, but I do not expect it to be as large as the last one. Please send me an email at if you would like to help with either! We have a few days left of the 5/5/5 cycle. Unfortunately we found out this month that the 5/5/5 family program will be ending, but we hope this last month will be a success for our family and the 4 other families! We have a current $500 matching grant we will receive when our FSP reads $19665.

Daisy needs to get out and be adopted. Her future is not good. She will remain in a crib at the group home while it changes to a foster home. At 18 she would be transferred to the same bedridden ward where Lee and the others who I have been updating about have been living. I know what would happen to a noisy, spunky, high energy girl in that bedridden ward.

We need to get her out. Please help us. Thank you everyone.

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