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Monday, January 16, 2017

Passed Medicals, Waiting On Passports!

All four kids have passed their medical appointments! Phew! Often kids in this country are given a vaccination for TB. Later on that will cause a false positive on the skin test commonly used to test for TB. Two of the kids needed an x-ray to confirm they did not have TB, but everyone passed! Hooray!

They won't be able to leave until passports for all four have arrived and visas have been placed in them. That is all they are waiting for.

Now the fun part. Pictures!

Amos has a new music toy that he loves. He likes to turn it on and dance to the music. This is such a huge transition for him due to how much more institutionalized he has become over the last two years. After 17 years in institutional care everything is new. Everything. So many simple things we take for granted are very stressful for him. It will get better.

Daisy is absolute sunshine. She is very happy to have a playpen to sleep in at the apartment now. One of her favorite activities at bedtime is to slowly shimmy it across the floor until she can bump it into the wall. She is adorable and tiny and loud! The orphanage tried to warn my husband that she might keep everyone up. She does! But as my husband told me the other night, "They are noisy and I am tired. And I wouldn't trade it for anything." She might be loud, but she is ours.

Lee is doing very well so far. We are monitoring him and in constant contact with his medical team. We are maintaining his diet until he can be seen immediately upon arriving home, and he is tolerating that well. He loves his papa so much, and especially his new sister Violet. She is very gentle with him, and likes to check on him and see how he is doing.

And here she is! I cannot put into words how sweet she is. It amazes me that for all she has been through, she is so kind and loving. She is an absolute gem, and I can't believe she waited for 13 years. She is so precious. 

Meanwhile we have been busy here at home! Theo had a new cast placed shortly before this pickup trip. He was not weight bearing for a month after his surgery, so it is taking a little bit of time to work back to his pre-surgery leg strength. His leg and foot placement are so much better now though. He is also very happy to be getting back so much of the independence that we have worked so hard to give him. 

Orion also just had his birthday! He had a great time getting new toys and eating chocolate cake! Special days like birthdays can be very difficult for a lot of kids. I was so impressed by how well he did and how much he was able to enjoy his day. It is a huge milestone in his maturing and healing, and I am very thankful for it. We are very proud of him and how hard he has worked to get to this point.

Now we are all eagerly waiting for all of the new brothers and sisters to come home!


  1. Thanks for posting and letting us follow your journey. I really feel like it educates and exposes us. While many things may be outside some people's comfort zone, following your journey helps to expand our thoughts, ideas, dreams and possibilities.

  2. I've been anxiously waiting for any news on your treasures. Thank you so much for broaden up our hearts. Much much love for you ALL. xxxxxx

  3. their smiles say it all they are so happy and already feeling so loved and safe God is so good