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Monday, June 20, 2016

Frankie Is Aging Out!

UPDATE: We have some unfortunate information about the aging out process in this country. Because of the length of time the adoption process takes, the agency says it is too late for a family to adopt Frankie unless they are already approved by her country and ready for a match. As a small program with between 7 and 30 kids adopted per year over the last five years, it is unlikely but not impossible that there is a family out there who could adopt her. If you know a family that might be at that stage and approved to adopt a child her age with her needs, please share her with them. Based on the new information about children aging out in her country Michael needs a committed family urgently. We need to find him a family in time so that he doesn't age out too!


This is the next post advocating for kids who are aging out. This is a cause very near to my heart. Our own son, Barton, had already aged out when we adopted him. He is a treasure! I am posting for other kids who will be aging out soon. If you are interested in adopting one of these children, don't hesitate! Contact right away to ask for more information! You can find the aging out children HERE on the Reece's Rainbow site if you would like to help advocate too! Sharing on social media and writing blog posts is a great way to help kids be seen by possible families.

Frankie Aging out in July!

Today we are talking about Frankie! Her country has removed listing photos of children, but I have seen photos of her from the past. She looks great! She has a very warm, welcoming smile! Frankie has Down Syndrome. Her profile says she has moderate delays. Her most recent report is from 2009, 7 years ago. She plays games and likes dancing. She could use a pencil and scissors. She can kick and throw a ball. She has likely progressed since her last update, but it is difficult to guess how much. She is also described as self-sufficient and confident. Her photos really reflect that! She looks like a very confident, capable girl!

We don't know when in July Frankie's birthday is. It is also unknown if anyone has completed an aging out adoption in her country, where the process is typically longer. She needs a family willing to take the chance and find out more to try and bring her home! Her grant to assist with adoption expenses is over $10,300! Her country is open to single moms or married families who have been together at least 2.5 years. There is no set limit on family size. Two unrelated children in the same orphanage can be adopted together. Contact with more questions!

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