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Monday, June 13, 2016

Marshall, Leonard And Flynn Are Aging Out!

I posted recently about increasing the exposure of kids who are about to age out, in the hopes that more children will find families in time. Here are a few children who are in immediate danger of aging out.

These three boys are all in the same country. Each boy will forever lose his chance for a family on his 14th birthday. In this country the adoption must be finalized before that date. A family in process would be their best chance to be adopted in time. Most agencies are willing to move quickly for aging out children. Some also allow waivers for requirements based on the needs of the child. The two requirements that can't be waived are the minimum age of 30 and the need for the adoption to be completed by the child's 14th birthday. Single parents can adopt from this country! You can email for more information on these and other children with special needs available for international adoption!


Marshall has hydrocephalus that has been treated. In 2006 he received a shunt to drain fluid from his brain. It was revised in 2009. He sounds like a very capable boy who takes care of his own daily needs. He is eligible for a $10,000 older child grant! His exact birthday is not listed, but he will age out in July. A family currently in process for his country may be able to race and add him onto their adoption. That is really his only chance so close to his birthday. I'm hoping his birthday is toward the end of the month and he has time for a miracle! 
Go to his profile HERE to read more about him. You can email for more information. 


We know the date of Leonard's birthday! He has until July 26th to be adopted. A family currently in process may be able to add him on and expedite his adoption in the next 6 weeks. They would have to move very, very fast. Leonard has cerebral palsy. I would describe it as mild from his profile. He is able to take care of his needs, walk and run, use stairs, and communicate well. 
His profile describes him as a child who enjoys the company of others. He is also eligible for a $10,000 older child grant for his adoption expenses! Go to his profile HERE to read more about him. You can email for more information. 


Flynn will turn 14 in August. Again, a family already in process is his best chance for being adopted in time. Flynn also has cerebral palsy. His needs also sound relatively mild, and his profile says he is able to do his own self-care, walk and run, and climb stairs. He is described as very intelligent. He even knows some English! His profile also lists hepatitis B. I have a few friends who have adopted children with hepatitis B. They have all described it as very manageable within their families. Flynn sounds like a really great kid! He is eligible for a $10,000 older child grant, and he also has a $3,500 agency grant to assist with his adoption expenses. $13,500 is a huge amount and would be very helpful to an adopting family! Go to his profile HERE to read more about him. You can email for more information. 

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