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Friday, June 10, 2016

What Can We Do Better?

Does anyone remember two years ago when almost every aging out child ended up with a committed family? Casey and Iggy were saved, we adopted Barton, Sophie (listed as Salome) was adopted, Gene was adopted, I know there were a few others too. Last year Svetlana and Ruby were adopted after they aged out. This last fall and winter, a ton of kids were lost. We planned to adopt Amos and sent in our paperwork to immigration, but we couldn't commit until we moved and started our homestudy. 

I counted at least 9 other kids who aged out around that time without families. 9 kids. Other kids who need families urgently are being left behind as well. The kids moving to foster homes at orphanage 50 are SO loved by SO many people. But where are the families? Frail bedridden kids are being transferred to die. I want ALL the kids to have families. I cheer for every single kid who makes it home. Go adopt the sweet squishy babies too. But where is the rallying?

What has changed within the community? I know *I* feel a personal failing in this regard. I don't have as much time to blog and post because I am busier here at home with the kids we have already brought home. There are still awesome families stepping up for kids who are about to age out. Ricky and Elizabeth's family! Look at that awesomeness! How do we find more families? How do we better support the families who do come forward? How do we save more kids? There are so many kids on the verge of aging out right now. 

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  1. I'm not an adoptive parent but have always had a soft spot for the older kids. I used to read blog after blog in the 2011 time frame but since then they have all but disappeared. To me they were a source of information/rally/fundraising support and that may affect the information getting to prospective. I'm not on FB so I'm still following the few blogs that remain. I don't think FB allows for the in-depth storytelling and ability of a new reader to get to know the family/read about a waiting child in the same way (but I may be wrong). I'm sorry to see the blogs disappear (or not be updated once created) as I feel they were the best source for advocates to share the story of their family/child and ones waiting/ones they met.