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Monday, October 3, 2016

Bailey And Rebecca Are Aging Out!

Aging out is when a child becomes unadoptable due to their age and the legal process in either the child's country or the country of an adopting parent. There are many aging out children listed HERE. You can also see the children we have shared in past weeks HERE. There is still time for some of the children we have shared before to be adopted if families act quickly! They are all eligible for at least $10,000 older child grants to assist with adoption expenses. Some grants are over $20,000! You can email for more information about any of these children!

Those older child grants are pretty amazing. The funds were pooled for the older children to allow the grant money to help any older child with special needs listed on Reece's Rainbow have available funding. It is already harder to find families for older kids, and having funds available to help families who feel prepared to adopt these kids is a huge help! Right now there are 17 remaining older child grants for children with special needs other than Down syndrome. If you would like to donate to that older child grant fund you can click on the donate button on their page HERE. There are also 50 remaining older child grants for children with Down syndrome. You can donate to that fund by clicking on the donate button on their page HERE.

We are sharing two children this week who were lost in the shuffle and not originally on the aging out page. They have less time and they both need families! Their country requires their adoptions to be completed before they turn 14. Their country is open to adoption by single mothers and married couples. They require parents to be over 30. They have additional requirements, but almost all of them have waivers available for children who are aging out or have special needs. PLEASE ask! You won't know if you don't try. These kids need someone to try for them!

Bailey needs her adoption completed by January 2017

Bailey needs her adoption completed before she turns 14 in January. An in-process family is her best chance. She is on the shared list right now.  She is eligible for a $10,000 older child grant to assist with adoption expenses. In addition to her profile HERE, here is a lot of additional information on her HERE.

A friend of Bailey who was adopted had a lot to say about her. She described Bailey as a very nice girl. It sounds like they were very good friends, and Bailey was very sad to see her friend go. Her friend said she helped her with schoolwork. Bailey can read and write, but she has trouble holding a pencil to write neatly. Bailey's profile says she has low strength in her arms. Sometimes she needs assistance with fasteners, but she is otherwise able to take care of her needs according to her profile.

Bailey sounds like a very sweet girl with very mild needs. I hope she is able to find a family in time.


Rebecca needs her adoption completed by summer 2017

Rebecca will turn 14 at some time during the summer of 2017. She has Down syndrome and is eligible for a $10,000 older child grant to assist with adoption expenses. A family hosted her two years ago, so there is a lot of information about her available if an interested family contacts them! Her profile is HERE.

Rebecca has a lot of personality! It sounds like she is super sweet and also has some spunk! Her profile talks about how she likes to "mother" and even shows her pretending to care for a doll. She loves to go swimming too! A friend of mine has a son with Down syndrome who is on a swim team at his YMCA. I would love for Rebecca to have that same opportunity.

If I read between the lines correctly, Rebecca might also have a little bit of a stubborn streak! I mean that in the best possible way. She sounds like an awesome girl who knows what she wants, even though sometimes what she wants is not having to wear her glasses. (More alike than different, anyone?)

Rebecca sounds like she made a lot of progress in the care of a family during her hosting trip. I really hope she is given the chance to have a family forever, where she can achieve so much more.

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