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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Chantelle-Ann and Angela Are Aging Out!

Aging out is when a child becomes legally unadoptable due to their age and the laws of either the child's country or the country of the adoptive parents. Today's children are in the same country our family has adopted from. They require married couples with at least one parent more than 15 years older than the child. You need to send in immigration paperwork and fees before these children turn 16. The rest of the adoption process can begin after that, if necessary.

If you have any questions about this process, today's children, other aging out children, or how to adopt children with special needs internationally, email for more information. See other aging out children who have been shared recently HERE. All of the aging out kids I post here have at least a $10,000 grant to assist with adoption expenses. Some have grants of over $20,000! Please share all of these kids to help them find families! It helps!


Chantelle-Ann needs paperwork and fees sent before she turns 16 in 2017

Chantelle-Ann is the first aging out child. She recently had a committed family who met her but did not feel they would be able to provide for her needs within their family. I think it was a really heartbreaking decision for them to make. They so badly want her to find the right family where she can thrive, and I admire SO much the openness and honesty they are sharing.

"She is very smart and curious. She likes technology as she kept trying to figure out the tv and loved our phones, except my husband's phone wasn't too crazy about her, haha. She is adorable and tries so hard to communicate. She has a lot of potential if the smallest child in the family."

They clearly love her very much. She wants a mama of her own so badly. She sounds like she has the ability and desire to learn so much.

Right now Chantelle-Ann is the size of a 10 year old although she is 15. I would bet she has the potential to grow in a proper family setting with good nutrition! One of our teenage boys came home the size of an 8 year old and was my height within a year! She does express toddler-like behaviors that due to her size can be harmful to small animals. It is also recommended that a family only have older teenager or adult siblings in the home with her. She is large and strong, and has waited in an institutional setting without the loving guidance of a family for too long.

This is the sad part of older child adoption. This is why I am a very strong advocate for adoption of kids of all ages. Kids belong in families. Families can teach children. Families can model correct behavior. Families can put an immediate stop to less desirable behaviors. But in an orphanage or institution? Even the best caretakers can't watch everywhere and correct everything. Unfortunately there are also caretakers who don't have the best interests of the children at heart. There are caretakers who abuse and model that behavior. None of this is the child's fault. They are blameless in this. This is something terrible and unfair for them, that they have been placed in this situation.

It is tragic for the children. Chantelle-Ann has SO much potential. This family has raved about how clever she is. She is a very smart girl who could do so much more if she was given a life outside of an institution. She will need the right family. She still deserves a family! Please share her so that the right family can find her.

Chantelle-Ann has a $10,000 older child grant available for assistance with adoption expenses. Email or view her profile HERE for more information.


Angela  needs paperwork and fees sent in before she turns 16 in February 2017

Angela is the second child today.  She was in a bedridden room the last time a family saw her. I have been trying to find numbers on how many kids over the age of 10 have been adopted from bedridden wards in this country. I can tell you that it isn't very many. There are the kids I know of who have been adopted or have families in process in the region we last adopted from. I have heard of a couple kids here and there in other regions. There haven't been very many kids, but the numbers are going up over time.

As it becomes more common and more kids come home and more kids make progress and improve, I am hoping it begins to send a message. I am hoping the photos of the transformation of these kids will show their potential. I am hoping it will show their worth and value. We love and value our children. Their condition in these bedridden wards is NOT caused by their diagnosis. It is caused by the care and treatment and lack thereof. Yes, even when kids come home to families their underlying medical issues remain. But look at the difference in our kids.

Angela will be beating the odds to find a family in time. The odds are, in her country, that she will spend the rest of her life in a crib or bed. The odds are that a family showing up at her orphanage would be met with at best mild shock. I want Angela to win. I want all of the kids to win. Angela is deserves so much more than a life in a crib or a bed.

I LOVE the updated photo from a few years ago. She is absolutely beautiful. She is blind but she can follow the sound of your voice and she loves the attention of someone talking to her. There are so many resources in the US for blindness! Her profile also lists hydrocephalus. There is a diagnosis of a heart defect, but the profile doesn't list the severity. It may be mild or it may not.

There are many kids who were previously listed as being in the same orphanage, and may or may not still be with Angela and able to be adopted with her. Many of them are also over 10 and would also be eligible for an older child grant like Angela! Angela is eligible for a $10,000 grant to assist with adoption expenses. You can email or visit her profile HERE for more information.

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