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Friday, October 28, 2016

Meeting Lee and Violet


My husband has selected files, visited, and accepted referrals for our two children in the first orphanage. They are absolutely perfect.

He was able to visit Lee first. His condition is about the same as in the recent photos we had seen. He now cries softly anytime he is touched, another new development from a couple years ago.

He is never out of his crib, so being placed laying down in a stroller and wheeled out into the main room took him a little time to recover from. He did give one smile, when my husband kissed his forehead. He grabbed my husband's finger tightly in his hand.

Medically we are waiting to get more information. We are cautiously optimistic about what we have heard so far, but we don't know much until he has seen doctors here.

Then my husband met Violet. She is amazing. She is absolutely incredible. She is sweet and gentle. She is breathtakingly beautiful. She was so happy to meet her new papa, even though she called him mama the whole time. (Heehee.)

They looked through the photo book together. He brought a Masha doll that plays music, and she had a great time playing with that. They did a puzzle together and played games on a tablet he brought.
We are both so surprised that she waited for so long. And we cannot wait to get both her and Lee home! Documents for this orphanage have all been notarized, so now we are just waiting to get a court date for these two.

I will be updating these posts with photos after we pass court. I cannot wait to share them with you all! 


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