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Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Dossier Is Done!

We received our fixed immigration approval, so we took care of that and sent it on its way! We have finished our dossier! Now we are waiting for it to be submitted. I am SO excited!

Our Superman shirts are in! If you haven't gotten an email, let me know! Most of them have already been mailed out. The blue shirts were a different shade than we expected, so I contacted everyone who ordered one. If you want a replacement, I will gladly provide one!  Our next order will be going to the printer in a week or two.

Other than that minor mix-up, I am very happy with how the shirts turned out. The company was great to work with and I would recommend them to anyone else printing shirts in our area. Contact me if you want me to pass on their info!

I am starting to get items listed on the auction page. You will be able to email me to enter a bid without a Facebook account. If the auction page is not available, it may be offline temporarily while I am loading photos and descriptions. It will go up again as soon as I am finished.

You can see our auction here:

I will be making wooden knitting needle sets if anyone is interested. I may or may not dip into my fabric and yarn stash. I have been debating whether I should post the materials or make and sell things with them. I still haven't decided! These will be for sale ahead of time and in the auction.

My children have been begging for a way to contribute to our fundraising. They have offered very treasured possessions for the auction. One of them even suggested we make our own money to pay our expenses. (No, we won't be counterfeiting!)  We agreed that I will post a few auction listings for pictures they have made. They are very excited to be able to help.

I will also be listing our last outline shirts in the auction. We have had more interest in these. Once we have sold our remaining shirts, we can reopen that fund. We need to be able to sell fifty shirts for them to be printed. I will include our remaining Superman shirts in the auction and also offer a place to order one if we don't have your size or favorite color in stock.

If you have anything you would like to donate for our auction, please let me know! Typically items like gift cards sell well and are inexpensive to ship.


I am happy to say that more people are posting about Salome! Her birthday is still quickly approaching, but it is heartening to know that more people are spreading the word.  I will be honest. A few others and I have been shouting for Salome for months. It didn't seem to be helping. I was feeling negative about the apparent lack of interest.  This is a huge step in the right direction. I hope it is a turning point!

Here is one of the posts that people are sharing:

There should be another big one soon too!


I am offering two gift cards for donations to this family.  You can have a $50 gift card to Montgomery Inn or a $25 card for Honey Baked Ham if you make an equal donation to their account.  Contact me if you donate so I can send you your card! The boy they are adopting used to live at the same place as Theo and Orion.  He aged out during the fall.

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