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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Shoe Drive Explained!

Reece’s Rainbow Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Who can participate?

Anyone in the eastern half of the United States can participate! Our map explains what you could earn per pound. You can fundraise for a family or a waiting child!

Zone 1 - within 125 miles of Holyoke, MA - 35 cents per pound once 500 pounds have been collected by our participants (25 cents per pound before that) and you can earn 45 cents per pound if you provide your own delivery of 1500 pounds to the business

Zone 2 - West and North of Ohio but outside of Zone 1 - 30 cents per pound once participants collect 500 pounds (20 cents per pound before that)

Zone 3 - all other areas - 20 cents per pound

What do I do?

Collect shoes that meet the guidelines.  When you have enough to fill a few boxes, let us know! We will get you free shipping labels that will be linked to the FSP or waiting child account you would like the credit deposited into. Yep, it’s that easy!

What kinds of shoes can I collect?

Check out our flyer! We need shoes that are gently used, so no holes, tears, or separated soles.  We need shoes for men, women, and children, plus athletic shoes and sports sandals.  We can’t accept flip-flops, crocs, high heels, or boots.  

Do we have a deadline?

No! This fundraiser will continue year-round as long as we have interest.

Why do I want to do this shoe drive? Aren’t there other companies?

Fundraising is hard.  Drives can take up a lot of your time and a lot of your space!  You don’t need to wait until you have thousands of pounds of shoes for this fundraiser.  You don’t owe anything for shipping, so the quoted price per pound is what you actually earn.  You can even mobilize friends and family who live in other parts of the country to collect shoes for you! The contract with the company is already arranged for anyone who would like to participate.  You just need to start collecting!

How do I ship the shoes?

You will request shipping labels. Those labels will also be used to keep track of what account your funds will be deposited into.  You can find free boxes that meet the size guidelines or you can pay a deposit for boxes from certain stores.  If you pay a deposit, you will be reimbursed when the full boxes are shipped.  Larger shipments may also be eligible for free boxes.  Each box will hold about 50 pairs of tightly-packed shoes, and will be shipped to the business we are working with.  Large shipments may request pick-up, or you can drop the boxes off at the mailer.

More questions? Feel free to ask! Email me at !

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