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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Families Adopting Aging Out Kids!

I'd like to start out by introducing this beautiful blog post about two aging out kids. Please go read it.

Today I'm talking about aging out kids who have families trying to bring them home as quickly as possible. A crucial part of advocating for kids who need families is to continue supporting the families that step up for them! These are all families in process to adopt aging out kids! Please help support them to make it easier for them to bring home these kids. The more support there is for families who decide to race the clock and adopt an aging out kid, the more families will be willing to leap in! These are the kids we are advocating for! Our job isn't done until they are home safely with their new families. Let's do this!

(Don't forget them when they get home either! That is a hard time of transition, and any way you can help a family who has recently completed any adoption is very appreciated. Think about what you would do for a new mom who had just given birth, from offering a casserole to babysitting the other kids to just a simple hug or "I'm thinking of you" card.)


This is the Rubenstein family! They are adopting 3 children. Joy will be turning 14 in August, meaning their adoption needs to be completed by that point. Please help support them! There is no wiggle room for adoptions in this country to be completed. They have worked very hard to be able to add Joy to their adoption, and I can't wait for them to be able to bring her home. Their FSP only reads $853 right now. Let's help it grow!


This is the McQuinn family! Guys, they are awesome. I love them. You need to go check out their blog. There is a link on their FSP or you can go straight HERE. The aging out child they are adopting is Ricky. He will turn 16 this summer. Funding is a need for this family. They are stepping out for more than one child in more than one region, and it will increase their expenses. They know how badly these kids need families and they are committed to working hard to raise that money. They have an auction HERE on Facebook. They are also selling shirts within the Reece's Rainbow Facebook group! Right now their FSP is at $174. We can help them raise the funds they need to bring their kids home. They are working so hard and I really want to help them succeed!


This is the Wiggs family! They are adopting 3 older kids. Lazarus turns 16 this month! That sweet tiny boy. Yep. Can you see how important it is for them to bring him, and their other kids, home? This is an experienced family who has completed multiple adoptions and can't wait to bring these kids home too. Their dossier has already been submitted so they are only waiting on travel dates! Money is more important than ever as you get down to the wire! Please help this family raise the final funds to bring all three of these older kids home!


This is the Schultz family. They are adopting 4 older kids! They turned in their paperwork in time for Ross James's 16th birthday last year, but he is now nearly 17! Victoria will also be turning 16 soon. They have their travel dates, and it is crucial that funding is not an issue. They have a huge matching grant, and only a little bit left to go on it! They need their FSP to read $11,119.16. Right now it is $10,106. Only a little over $1000 to go! They have an auction open on Facebook right now HERE. Go check it out and help them get to their kids before it is too late!


Lastly, this is the Acosta family! They need to travel by August 1 to be able to complete their adoption of Isaiah before he turns 14. They have been working so hard to get there in time! Their FSP went up around the same time ours did, so I have watched how quickly they are moving. They need their FSP to read $13,000. They have fundraisers listed on this Facebook page HERE. There is no time to spare. This family needs funding right away in order to complete the adoption before their son turns 14. They are so close to traveling but they need funds! Please help them bring home this child who has so little time left before he ages out.

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