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Friday, July 29, 2016

Nelson and Duane Are Aging Out! Plus the July Aging Out Recap!

Aging out is when a child becomes legally unadoptable due to their age. In some cases this is due to the laws of immigration into an adopting country and in some cases it is due to the laws of the child's country of birth. The aging out cutoff and laws vary by country. The child's possible future varies depending on both the country and any special needs the child may have. The aging out children I post here are at the brink of crossing that threshold. This is their last possible chance to be adopted. They need families who are able to move quickly to complete their adoptions before it is too late. Please help them find families by sharing their profiles. You can find more aging out children listed HERE. You can email for more information on these children. All of the children I have posted here are eligible for at least a $10,000 older child grant to assist with their adoption expenses!

I come to you with two more aging out children this week. These are children from the same country we have adopted from. Aging out children in this country need an I-600A application and fees mailed into USCIS before their 16th birthday. A family is able to do this step first and then start their homestudy afterwards, but they will need to be ready to move quickly. I highly recommend mailing in your application and fees ahead of time if you are adopting from this country. It is well worth it to leave the door open even if you don't plan to adopt an aging out kid now. That is the reason our son Barton is sitting here safely in our home today! This country requires married couples, and at least one parent must be more than 15 years older than the child.


Nelson October

Nelson will need a family to submit an immigration application and fees before his 16th birthday in October. His profile lists his special need as Hypotheriosis. This is an underactive thyroid. Thyroid conditions do require monitoring, but they can often be easily treated with medication.

His profile is brief but it describes him as a quiet boy who likes computer science and math. A family would be amazing for him. The education within the orphanage system is often lacking compared to the education that other children receive, even when the children in the orphanage system do not have special needs. A family would give this quiet boy the chance to receive an education that would put him on equal footing with other students.

You can read the rest of his profile HERE. Email for more information on how to adopt him! There is a $10,000 older child grant to assist with adoption expenses.

Duane November

Duane needs a family to submit paperwork and fees before he turns 16 in November. Duane is at a place where my Barton once lived, before he was transferred. The region where he is does not have a good adult facility. It is a place of cages. A giant pavilion, an empty shed made of concrete with benches, bars from the ground to the roof, and a door that locks the men in. That is where Barton would have gone. That is where Amos would have gone. Duane could end up there too. He has a very dire need to be adopted. He is already fading and becoming less interactive where he is now.

Duane has Down syndrome. He also has some degree of cerebral palsy or joint hypermobility and difficulty speaking. His profile says he has some language but is mostly nonverbal. He needs to be rescued. UPDATE: I am waiting on current information about his behaviors and needs from someone who has spent time with him.

His grant is $12,466. There are also other children at his orphanage and within his region that could be adopted at the same time. Their names are listed on his profile HERE. Go read more about him and consider if he might be your son. Please share him so that he doesn't end up in the terrible adult facility that we have fought to save our boys from. Email for more information on how to adopt him.


Here is the current status of the other children I have posted recently who are aging out. Many are now listed as aged out. Many of these were children who needed their adoptions completed before they turned 14. Now at 14 these children will never have families. We need to find a better way to find families to adopt them before they are nearly 14 with only a few months to find a family and complete an adoption. Some of these children were listed for quite a long time, but they waited for years and then aged out. I have not personally adopted from this country so I am less familiar with it, but there have been many children whose stories pulled at my heart.

I hope we will start seeing a change as we continue posting about aging out children. In an effort to make sure all of the children have been given a chance to be seen, we decided to start with the children aging out the soonest and pick a couple children a week to share. Some of these children had very little time left. As we share more children we are starting to post about children who have a little bit more time for a family to finish an adoption. The children who are still waiting need families.  Please go back and look at them again and share them again. These children are all eligible for AT LEAST a $10,000 grant toward adoption expenses. Some of them have even bigger grants!

Marshall aged out before a family was found.
Leonard aged out before a family was found.
Flynn aged out before a family was found.
Tara is listed as aged out before a family was found. I don't think there is enough time left for a family to add her on to a current adoption and complete it before she turns 14 in September, but it may be possible.


Ashley needs her adoption completed before she turns 14 in October. She has really touched my heart. Ashley has Down syndrome. She wants to be adopted and is a great helper where she is living right now. I can put you in touch with someone who met her!


Toni also needs her adoption completed before she turns 14 in October. She has some vision impairment and some hearing loss. She is worried that she won't be adopted in time. Please help Toni find her family!


Saul needs his adoption completed before he turns 14 in December. He has a kidney condition and a surgically repaired cleft lip and palate. In addition to the $10,000 older child grant, a $5,000 agency grant is available, and his orphanage donation has been reduced and could possibly be waived completely.


Barry needs his adoption completed before he turns 14 in December. Barry has cerebral palsy and can walk with support from a walker. He is a very hard worker and very smart!


Winnie needs her adoption completed before she turns 14 on December 27th. She is another child who has really touched my heart. She has a mild humpback. She loves to help with the younger children where she lives. There are more videos and photos of Winnie HERE.


Scottie has decided he does not want to be adopted. There are multiple families who asked about him and submitted paperwork, but as an older neurotypical child he has the legal right to refuse adoption in his country. Thankfully there are now a lot of people committed to helping him in his country, so he will hopefully have more support than the typical child! If you were considering adopting Scottie, perhaps you would think about adopting Nelson, Devon (Brian), Haines, Eric, Avery, or another child in need of a family. There are still many children waiting in need!


Elsbeth needs a family to mail in paperwork and fees before her 16th birthday in August. There is not much time left! Elsbeth has Down syndrome and will spend the rest of her life in an institution if she is not adopted.


Galan needs a family to complete his adoption before he turns 14 in January. There is enough time for a family to start from scratch right now! His medical special needs have already been surgically corrected in his country, and now he is just waiting for a family.


Michael needs a family to start now in order to be far enough along in the process for his country by his 16th birthday. Michael has Down syndrome and is a very happy and active boy.

Dani needs a family to complete her adoption before she turns 14 in February. Dani is yet another child whose story resonated with me. Dani has epilepsy, and is currently not attending school because of that even though she is an otherwise healthy and active child. I had friends in school with epilepsy! I can't imagine them not being able to attend school because of it. She deserves a chance to receive an education.


Thank you to everyone for continuing to share all of these children. You never know who will see your post or share and decide to look a little further. These kids are all very close to losing their chance for a family, and we need to find them families before it is too late.

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