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Friday, July 8, 2016

Scottie and Elsbeth Are Aging Out!

Don't forget to look back at recent posts from the last few weeks after you read about the kids I am posting this week. There is still time to find families for some of these kids!

The kids I am talking about this week are in the same country we have adopted from. I am definitely familiar with the aging out process for these kids! Here is what they need. A family needs to mail their I-600A form and fees to USCIS before the child's birthday. You can start a homestudy after that! Get more information about the adoption process by emailing!

These children are in the same country. They are both aging out. Their lives and their futures if not adopted will be very different, but both futures are not good.


UPDATE: Scottie currently does not wish to be adopted. It is possible that he will change his mind, and if he does it sounds like there are multiple families who have been considering adopting him. Out of respect for his decision I have removed his information. If you were thinking of adopting Scottie, there are other children available with similar needs who DO still need families. Devon (Brian), Eric, Avery, Haines, and other children are still waiting.

Especially for an older neurotypical child, whether or not to be adopted is completely the child's decision. Right now I am hopeful that Scottie will have a better chance of receiving support within his own country than the average child thanks to families who have spent time with him and want to see him succeed.

Our other child this week is Elsbeth. She is also eligible for a $10,000 older child grant. Elsbeth has Down syndrome. Because Elsbeth has Down syndrome, her possible future will be different than Scottie's. Elsbeth's future would be remaining in an institution forever. Her profile is very brief. I don't know if anyone has met her, but I don't believe so. She needs a family to step up and take a chance so that she can have a chance at a real life. I look at the everyday things my own kids can do here in America that they never would have been able to do in an institution in their own country. Elsbeth deserves the chance to know that kind of freedom too. If a family doesn't send those papers in by her birthday in August, she will lose that chance forever.


Go HERE to see more aging out children. They all need families ready to move quickly and adopt them before it is too late!

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  1. I hope both of these kids find loving homes. Scottie seems like an amazing boy. It would be deeply unfortunate for him to have to face the streets of his country. I hope their mama's see them before it is to late.