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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Michael is Aging Out!

Do you all remember Frankie? Frankie just turned 16. You might not remember what she looks like because her country stopped allowing photos on public profiles. While we were trying to advocate for Frankie we discovered that the aging out process in her country requires families to start far in advance. It was already too late for Frankie when we first began shouting her name. The program in her country is so small that no one knew what to expect until we received that news. It was too late for Frankie. In fact, even though Michael's birthday is farther on the horizon, he desperately needs a family to start right now.

Michael needs a family now.

Michael will be 16 in December of next year. He needs a family to start now, knowing that his country's process is slower and takes longer to go through. That longer process can be an advantage for families who know they want to adopt but want to have a little bit more time to get some things ready! That's more time to fundraise, more time to plan a perfect bedroom, more time to get settled in your job.

There is more time for all of those things in the middle of this process, but there is not more time for Michael to wait without a committed family. Michael needs someone to step forward and say they will come for him, even if it will take longer. He needs that family to come forward now. Even though his birthday seems farther off, Michael needs people shouting his name from the rooftops right now.

Michael has Down syndrome. His country has full medical and social records available to potential families. That is something that you can't get in a lot of countries! That is awesome information to have! Photos are also available to interested families! I've seen one that shows that he is an active kid with a big personality. He looks like so much fun. He is described as a very friendly and adaptable boy. He is able to do a lot of things independently and only needs help in a few areas. He sounds like he would absolutely thrive in a family. I would love to see him bouncing on a trampoline with some siblings in a couple years!

This country allows adoption by single parents and older parents. Michael has a $10,000 older child grant available to assist with adoption expenses. You can read the rest of his profile HERE and you can email for more information.

Don't forget to share Michael and some of the other aging out children we've talked about recently. These kids need families ASAP!

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