We are home with Amos, Daisy, Lee and Violet! Meanwhile we have jumped in again for one last very special girl. If you would like to help with that, you can make a non-tax-deductible donation HERE that we can access immediately. You can also make a tax-deductible donation HERE that we can use once we receive travel dates. Or by donating HERE you can help provide her and other children at her orphanage the care and nutrition they desperately need. See all of our current fundraisers HERE. We are thankful for any support you can offer!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fundraising and updates!

Our auction is posted! We have two albums up so far on our Facebook auction. Album 1 HERE and album 2 HERE. The auction runs through July 21st! You can also like the main auction page HERE! We have gift cards, jewelry, clothing, and more fun stuff!

I also have a huge thank you to extend to Julia at Micah Six Eight. She played a big part in our family finding and adopting our son Barton. She is gathering donations for a giveaway to benefit our family and another waiting child. Go find out more HERE!

We have been waiting to see when immigration will be granting our approval. The good news is that they will be expediting our approval! The bad news is that we received the dreaded RFE "Request for Evidence." These used to be very rare, but they have been cropping up for a lot of families lately. Luckily ours looks like we just need to resend some documents to them. There was a mix-up with us sending our application ahead of our homestudy and not all of our supporting documents were received. We also need to include a small update because Barton is over 18. If he gets into any legal trouble he has a duty to inform USCIS. Plus he would totally be grounded! Which is all beside the point because he is hardly a troublemaker!

So it will add another week or so, but everything should be easy to take care of. We have supplied everything on our end and our agency should be sending that on to USCIS right away. We should have our approval soon, but I won't be counting on that until it is in our mailbox!

The next step following receiving our approval will be sending our final documents over to be translated and have our dossier submitted. Right now times are looking like 6-8 weeks from submitting to your referral date. That means we are really closing in on our travel time and our funding needs! Thank you all for all of your support!

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