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Monday, August 1, 2016

So Much To Be Thankful For

Have you been watching our funding numbers during the Shadow Children Giveaway? I have. I have been overwhelmed by the response. There are only a few hours left to enter. Last chance! Go HERE and read about how to enter. You can donate to our family HERE or HERE, you can also donate to Otto (a sweet tiny boy who needs a family!), you can share, and then go back HERE and post about it to be entered! As of the time I am posting this, we only need $12,609 to be fully funded! You have all been working miracles.

In the absolute best way to wrap this up, we just received a call that our I-600A has been approved. Approved! That is such exciting news! We will be submitted as soon as that has been received and translated by our facilitation team.

And it can't happen soon enough. We are adopting four children. 3 of them are extremely urgent. One is less urgent, meaning her adoption isn't the difference between life or death, but that does not mean she is not in great need.

Amos is already 16. He has aged out. Our paperwork was turned in before his birthday so we can still adopt him. We are his last and only chance. If he is not adopted, the adult facility in his region is horrifying. It is a sad, scary place of benches and sheds and cages. We adopted our son Barton and saved him from heading there. Now we are adopting his good friend Amos to save him from the same place. There are extra time cutoffs for each stage of an over-16 adoption, but things are looking good right now!

Daisy used to live with our son Evan. Even though she is mobile, she was grouped with children in a laying down room. She would be tied into her crib so that she wouldn't get into trouble. Later she was moved into a group home. Daisy's group home is scheduled to change to a foster home. If she is also moved into fostercare, she will not be available for international adoption. In a lot of cases fostercare is great in her country. In many cases it is treated like adoption for both the family and child. In this case, due to the set-up of the facility, at 18 the children will be returned to institutions. These foster homes are for children only. Her future fate will be sealed if she is not adopted now.

Lee was also in Evan's laying down room. I can't put into words how urgently he needs to be adopted. The institution he was moved into is not good for bedridden children. Active children who had full cheeks and round tummies when I saw them are now glassy-eyed skeletons tied up into sheets gasping to breathe. Lee was already small and thin before he moved there. He has a diagnosis in his file that requires excellent medical care, and he is not even being treated for it. We are racing to get there in time for him.

And Violet. Sweet Violet's need is slightly different. It only looks less urgent when you have the stories of our other children to compare it to. Our other children have extremely urgent reasons that they need to be adopted. They need to be adopted within a certain timeframe due to legal or medical reasons. But 13 year olds are truly in need as well. In just a couple years she would be one of those aging out children I shout for. She has been waiting for a very long time.

And so, here we come! With our immigration approval we are ready to move onto the next part of the process! Thank you all for joining us on this journey!

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  1. You are truly an angel for these children. I'm so so happy you got your approval. Many prayers for everything to go well for you! Love from Miami Florida!