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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Elijah and Aurora Are Aging Out! Plus An Update On Elsbeth!

Aging out is when a child becomes unadoptable due to their age and the legal process in either the child's country or the country of an adopting parent. The first two children posted here must have their adoptions completed by their 14th birthdays according to the laws within their country. Only one parent needs to travel and this country is only one short trip! Their country is open to adoption by single parents! There are some additional guidelines, but most of them can be waived for the adoption of an older child with special needs. One requirement that I have not seen waived is the minimum parent age of 30. You can contact for more information about whether or not you qualify to adopt from this country. They are great at walking you through which country might be a good fit for your family to adopt from!

Starting a couple months ago, myself and other advocates have been posting a few aging out children every week. You can see where that started from HERE. We are now getting to the section of the aging out list where there is time for us to find families and for those families to complete adoptions from scratch! (Check out all the aging out kids HERE.) That means I really want to start seeing kids with committed families! It is so hard to read the stories of each of these children and see how badly they need families, especially when you know they have very little time to find one. Many of these kids have really struck a chord with me. I would bring them home into our own great big crazy family, but we can't right now. So I need all of you to help me find their families!


Elijah ages out June 2017

Elijah has until June of next year to complete his adoption! That is enough time for a family to get started now from scratch and finish comfortably in time! He sounds incredible. Elijah has cerebral palsy, just like some of the kids our family has adopted. And oh my goodness, he could do such amazing things if he was in a family too.

Take a look at that picture of him standing up holding onto the wall on his own! If he had the same type of surgery as my son Theo he would be standing on flat feet and he could absolutely FLY. This kid could SOAR. Theo's surgery was an outpatient procedure. There are a few different types of surgeries that can be done, but they are all fairly similar. It was really, really easy on our end. Can you imagine the difference that would make for Elijah?

Elijah is a smart boy who is of typical intelligence. He is not able to attend school in his country because of his special needs, but he would definitely be capable of it if he was in a family instead of an orphanage. His cerebral palsy mostly affects his lowers limbs and he uses a wheelchair right now. His profile says he is well-adjusted and gets along well with others. There is a lot of extra information about him, including videos, HERE! Go check out Elijah!

Elijah is also eligible for a $10,000 older child grant to assist with adoption expenses. You can see his Reece's Rainbow profile HERE and contact for more information!


Aurora ages out May 2017

Aurora also sounds amazing. She sounds like a girl I would love to have in my own family! Her profile says she adores helping the younger kids and they all think of her as a big sister.  She loves to help clean and take care of herself independently. She is very proud of all of the things she can do.

Aurora is listed as having brain damage. Her profile also mentions difficulty speaking, which could be related to that. She works very hard to speak and make herself understood! Her orphanage has been sending her to a special education school. She is adjusting very well there and working hard to get along with and talk with the other students.

Her profile says she is always polite and very diligent in her tasks. I could just imagine her in a family showing everyone how well she made her bed and set the table. Aurora sounds like she would be a great big or little sister, and that she would love to be in a family that praised her for how hard she works.

Aurora is also eligible for a $10,000 older child grant to assist with adoption expenses. You can see the rest of her profile HERE and contact for more information!


I'd also like to post an update about Elsbeth. We have learned that her birthday is August 27th. That is only three weeks away! A family needs to mail in an I600A application and fees to immigration to arrive before that date in order to be eligible to adopt her. I know her profile is short and lacks information, but she still needs a family to save her! Especially if you are an experienced adoptive family, please consider if you might be able to adopt Elsbeth.

Elsbeth is also eligible for a $10,000 older child grant to assist with adoption expenses. For more information please contact as quickly as possible. There is very little time for paperwork to be turned in for Elsbeth.

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