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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Court Dates and Matching Grant!

I have been a bit too busy to post lately. There is a good reason for that, and I will share more about it publicly soon! I am just way too busy making it happen right now to write it all up and then answer all of the follow-up questions. Let's just say it is amazing miracle of all miracles stuff. You will love it. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I have some VERY exciting news about Amos, Daisy, Lee and Violet! We have court dates for all of them! They will be the week after Thanksgiving in America. The first date is the 28th, and the other two will be in following two or three days. My husband hasn't had time to get ready to fly out though, because we have been so busy with this other incredible thing!

We don't expect the kids to be home by Christmas. That is a bit disappointing. Some courts will waive the wait for court decrees to be finalized for kids with special needs and some don't. Some courts count ten days, some ten business days and also add a couple days at the beginning and end. We knew going into this that Amos's court probably would not waive it, so we weren't surprised by that. Plus we have a shorter delay to change Amos's state ID before he can be issued a passport. BUT my husband will fly back after all of their paperwork is ready to get them out! That is assuming things go smoothly and we really hope they do!

While we wait for that, we have ONE FINAL MATCHING GRANT for these four wonderful kids. It will get us fully funded to bring them all home! And with our new adventure already on the horizon, we are really excited to be able to knock out these final costs right now! When our FSP HERE reads $33,765, a donation will be made to fully fund us!

Thank you all so much for your support getting these amazing kids home! I can't wait to share the rest of our excitement with you also!

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