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Monday, November 28, 2016

Court for Lee and Violet

Update from the first court date! My husband visited Lee in the morning, went to court, and came back to see Violet afterwards.

Poor Lee spent most of the time crying, from when they put him in the stroller and brought him out to the main room, to when he laid down again. His muscles were very tight. He did smile when my husband sat and talked with him though! They kept his toy alligator next to his bed, which was nice. Typically at many orphanages, toys given to individual kids are quickly moved into a communal location. Unfortunately that place is often in a playroom kept looking nice for visitors, where the children aren't actually allowed to play. We were very happy that Lee still had his toy to brighten his days while we wait to bring him home.

Then most of court was spent reading over all of the documents for our family and the children. They asked a couple questions and approved the adoption. Yay!! This was a very quick and easy court process.

My husband went back and played with Violet this time. She is just too perfect. She talks a lot more than we expected! She told the facilitator that my husband was very nice, and funny to play with. But she also said she couldn't understand most of what he said! She thought he talked strangely. (He knows a few phrases, but mostly speaks English.) They had fun playing with a toy and she loved the juice box and candy he brought. Her new sisters especially can't wait for her to be home.

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  1. Thanks for your updates. Praying for all and a smooth flight and transition for all.

    God bless your family.