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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vance, Dixon and Dean Are Aging Out!

Aging out is when a child becomes legally unadoptable due to their age and the laws of either the child's country or the country of the adoptive parents. If you have any questions about this process, today's children, other aging out children, or how to adopt children with special needs internationally, email for more information. See other aging out children who have been shared recently HERE. All of the aging out kids I post here have at least a $10,000 grant to assist with adoption expenses. Some have even larger grants! Please share all of these kids to help them find families! It helps!

Right now there are 12 remaining older child grants for children with special needs other than Down syndrome. If you would like to donate to that older child grant fund you can click on the donate button on their page HERE.

There are also 50 remaining older child grants for children with Down syndrome. You can donate to that fund by clicking on the donate button on their page HERE.

If you would like to help us advocate for aging out children AND keep those grants funded, come check out the RR Older Child Advocates group on Facebook!


Vance paperwork and fees need to be filed before he turns 16 at some point in 2017

I had hoped to include a new description of Vance, but my husband was unable to meet with him during all of the chaos of the visit to his orphanage. Vance did have a committed family, but they were unfortunately not able to adopt him. I am very happy that he has been relisted! The facilitator said that paperwork is not an issue right now, so hopefully he will have a new family soon!

Photography by Genesis House.

We love him! My husband spent a lot of time with him, living on his orphanage grounds for about half of our last adoption. I will write a longer update when my husband has seen him again. We are hoping to include current photos and videos to show how awesome he is and any behaviors he might have. I know another family was recently at the orphanage as well. They had their young children with them. He sat and played a card game with one of their kids.

Vance's country requires married couples with one parent at least 15 years older than him. He will need a family to turn in paperwork and fees before he turns 16 in 2017. We are waiting to receive his exact birthdate. Vance is eligible for a $10,000 older child grant!


Dixon paperwork and fees need to be filed before he turns 16 in March 2017

I am hoping Dixon will be one of the kids to receive an updated photo and profile description! Based on his current description he sounds like a very sweet kid with Down syndrome who can do a lot of things considering how long he has lived in an institution. He can walk and understands simple directions! He was learning how to feed himself. I wonder if he can now? He can make some sounds and was learning to talk. He knows his name! Would you believe me if I told you that a lot of kids in institutions never learn their names because they are never called by them? Dixon knows his name.

He likes attention even though he typically plays alone. It sounds like a lot of his play behaviors are very simple and might include a bit of stimming. Stimming is repetitive behavior that children in institutions typically acquire due to sensory needs and a lack of appropriate input. It can seem unusual if you aren't used to it, but it is a way for kids in institutions to help their brains trigger pathways that are rewarding in the absence of the stimuli most kids encounter.

Dixon has been listed for more than six years! He needs a family to file paperwork and fees before he ages out in March 2017. Dixon's country is open to adoption by both married couples and single mothers or fathers. Dixon is eligible for a $10,000 older child grant!


Dean adoption needs to be completed before he turns 14 in September 2017

Dean is a quiet boy with delays. He seems like he has taken a bit longer to reach milestones, but he has made consistent progress. His profile says he is able to perform self-care. He can run and use stairs. He entered the orphanage when he was found at 5 years old. He is described as a shy and quiet boy who gets alone well with the other children and adults where he lives.

Dean's country may waive many of their requirements for an aging out child. They typically will not waive their requirements for parents to be at least 30 years old. Dean's country is open to both single mothers and married couples. Dean is eligible for a $10,000 older child grant!

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