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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Meeting Daisy


My husband has now selected her file, met Daisy, and accepted her referral! This orphanage visit was quite an adventure!

It started out with my husband and the facilitator picking up the regional social worker. They headed to the orphanage, but the social worker was car sick many, many times. It took them so much longer to get there than they had planned that the orphanage staff didn't think they were coming! The orphanage director had to be called back when they finally arrived. He remembered my husband from our last adoption and everyone was thrilled to hear how our kids are doing now.

Then they went over to meet Daisy. I have an absolutely precious video to share after we pass court! She was a little surprised to be taken out of her crib to play after her bedtime, but she loved the chance to shake her toy and make noise with it without anyone else to take it from her.


It was after lights out for the rest of the orphanage by the time they were done, so he wasn't able to visit the boys. He did get to see and spend a little time with the girls while he was meeting Daisy though!

Since it was so late they traveled back with the social worker, still sick, and ended up driving her home because her parking lot was already locked. Today they finished the paperwork for this region, so we are just waiting on a court date for this orphanage as well.

My husband still has to meet Amos, and then he will be headed back home to wait for court. We have been given a few tentative timelines, but we won't know our exact court dates for a few weeks. We are hoping everything will coordinate smoothly for the timing with all three courts and my husband's work schedule. He already had to move things around when our travel dates were changed twice, so I don't think he has any more favors left to ask for!

We are also hoping the kids will be safe and healthy until we can get them home. They have all been wonderful so far, and we can't wait to have them here with us!

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