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Thursday, November 3, 2016

I Am Posey's Miracle Maker!

I am so excited to announce this! We are going to grow Posey's grant and help her find a family! First I want to introduce you to Posey if you haven't met her yet. She is so special. Then I will explain what we are going to do to help her find a family!

This beautiful little girl is Posey.

Posey needs a mama and a papa. We are going to help her find them.

It has been at least a year since Posey was transferred to the older child institution. Posey caught my eye during our last adoption. She reminds me of a girl we met named T. I will come back to her also!

Posey is a tiny, dainty little girl. She sometimes seems a bit cautious of her surroundings due to her vision impairment. Orphanages can be scary places. Posey is in the bedridden wing of her institution.

My husband was able to see and play with her during his recent visit there! So exciting!

He was able to glean some information based on the fact that she was out in the open in a group of a few of the healthiest looking children. Sometimes when there are visitors to the orphanage this group is taken out of their beds and cribs. They are placed in wheelchairs in front of a TV in a main room. Since Posey was in this group I am REALLY hoping it will mean she is getting some extra food and attention. It doesn't help the other kids who are never out of their beds, like our Lee, but I am glad for Posey's sake.

My husband had a great time playing with her. She smiled and interacted with him. She seems to be completely blind, but she does turn her head to follow the sound of your voice. She held onto his fingers with her hands. I don't know how much she can move in general because she is always laying down or rarely out in a chair like that. She would benefit SO much from therapy and medication to keep her muscles loose. He said she is absolutely beautiful, but we already knew that.

So now let's talk about what Posey's life might be like if she stays in the orphanage. She reminds me so much of the girl I mentioned earlier, T. T has spent her life in state care. This is a photo of T back when the charities were first beginning their involvement at the old orphanage.

Due to years spent without interaction or sensory input, T touches and pushes on her eyes a lot. This is a very common stimming behavior among blind children and adults in institutions. During a recent visit to the current institution T had a bad infection from doing this.

T will never have a life outside of the bed that she is in right now. T never goes outside. She will spend the rest of her life laying down in a room with no stimulation. I had hoped that Posey would be spared that dull and stifling room. Unfortunately since she was transferred from the baby house, her crib is now in the same room as T's bed. The cycle is continuing. Children are transferred from baby houses to adult institutions. They slowly deteriorate because they are never given the opportunity to develop. T will NEVER be free of that bedridden room. Posey can still escape.


Now on to our job here! We are going to help Posey find a family. We are going to tell everyone all about her! We are going to raise her grant by $1000 between now and New Years Eve! It will be awesome! Anyone who wants to help, feel free! We are going to be a little bit busy with our own adoption and travel during this time, but we didn't want Posey to go unnoticed, so we jumped in!

There is a change in the name of Reece's Rainbow's Christmas campaign. In the past it has been called Angel Tree. The new name is the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign. You can see all of the kids on the page HERE. You can search for her on the page with Ctrl F, or just scroll through looking at all the kids! If you donate $35 to a child, you get an ornament ($5 of the donation goes toward this) and the child's grant goes up by $30. I love these ornaments. The ones I have purchased in past years are very, very special to me. I love seeing how many of those kids have come home to families now!

We will also be running fundraisers for this, including Superman Was Adopted shirts! I am hoping to have the ordering process for those set up soon, so that they can be ordered, printed, and shipped in time for holiday shopping! I will keep everyone up to date on how that is going and what else we have to offer to raise that $1000 for Posey. Please share this and our other posts for Posey to help us make this a success!


  1. Has Posey been adopted yet?

  2. Posey has not been adopted yet. She still needs a family!