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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Court for Daisy

Here is the update for passing court for Daisy!

Court was much tougher here this time than last time! Not that they didn't seem like they would approve it, but lots and lots of questions. This judge had only done one other adoption. The prosecutor had a lot of questions also. Lots of questions about all of the dossier documents, our home, why we want kids with special needs and why we want her specifically. This court had been pretty quick last time so that was a bit of a surprise, but the judge and everyone else seemed very happy to approve the adoption when they were done.

My husband also got to spend lots of time playing with the kids at the group home! Daisy was SO happy to see him!!! She stood up in her crib and out her arms out and hugged him with her head against him. So sweet. She has a cold sore on her nose that they have been treating at the orphanage.

She was also happy to be fed while he was there LOL. She had a bottle that she held herself and a bowl of mushy stuff that was fed to her. We might need to practice eating in bathing suits on the lawn and hosing everyone off afterwards, but I think she will be able to feed herself easily. Teaching her to feed herself without spraying the food everywhere shaking her hands might take longer!

She loves rattley toys that make noise, and she had a great time playing. We have some adorable video clips of Vance handing her a toy to shake and dancing while she made noise. (Vance ages out February 14! I would love to talk to any interested families about him!)

The kids were all great. He had a great time seeing them and playing with them. The ones who hadn't seen before were happy to see pictures of our boys here at home. The staff also remembered my husband and our boys, and some of them cried looking at their photos.

I have a lot of photos and videos of the other kids from this visit! I will be sharing them and talking about some of the waiting kids in future posts!

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